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Pine Creek

Water Kefir

  Our water kefir is a carbonated probiotic drink that can help keep your digestive and immune system in perfect harmony. It is brewed by Pine Creek in small batches and is available in Cranberry and Lemon Fig flavors. 

Where can you find it?

- Pine Creek Farms CSA water kefir share

- Rochester Downtown Farmers Market

Water Kefir Share

- Receive a 6 pack of Pine Creek Water Kefir delivered near you at a discounted price. Click below. 

Click here to sign up and become a Kefir member! 

What are the benefits?

- Due to the beneficial bacteria, kefir is helpful for the immune system and supports a good bacterial balance in the gut

- Kefir has been shown in laboratory studies to improve bone mass, helpful to prevent osteoporosis

- High in probiotics, kefir may be a beneficial beverage for supporting mental wellbeing

- L. kefiri (one of the active beneficial bacteria in kefir) has good probiotic benefits and inhibits pathogens

- Appears to be anti-carcinogenic and may have therapeutic benefit for both healthy and ill adults


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