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What is a CSA?

Lettuce explain - CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. When you participate in a CSA you are supporting a local farmer and thus becoming a partner in our growing season. In exchange, we are committed to providing you with fresh, high quality, local produce. 

How does it Work?

Each week you will receive a box of in season, fresh, local, certified organic produce at a drop off point near you. Our CSA program runs for 20 weeks starting in June and going through October.


What does a CSA Cost?

One time payment

FULL SHARE: $400 (Every Week Delivery)

HALF SHARE: $225 (Every other Week Delivery)

Click Here to sign up and become a member!



Email us at if you have an questions or concerns. 

Check out this artical written about our CSA in the Post Bulletin a couple of years ago:

CSA Share

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